Our Mission

To change the way people finance pre-loved cars for the better, forever!

About Us

ApprovalBuddy was born in a unit study in 2015 with the determination of changing the way YOU guys finance and buy a car and since then we now have 2 offices one in QLD and now NSW with more to come doing this and loving it!

We love cars, and we wanted to create a service we thought we’d love to finance and buy a car from.

Before we go on and talk about what we do, it’s important to understand why we do it. Let’s explain our mission

To change the way people finance a brand new or pre-loved car for the better, forever!

Financing and Buying a car shouldn’t bring on anxiety or frustration but instead excitement and a HUGE amount of Joy as its freedom of owning a car and the excitement of getting behind the wheel of your dream car that makes wanting to buy one in the first place and this experience should continue in the process of getting to own one.

What sets us apart?

We’re driven by service it’s that simple, as we want YOU to use us not once but again and again.

Your personal Buddy Broker is trained to guide you through the entire finance and car buying process so you can just sit back and relax.

We can even handle the sale of the Brand New or Pre-loved car on your behalf with the seller FREE of charge so you don’t need to.

With a Pre-loved car we do a FREE History Check & Valuation Check once your approved because we really care what car you buy.

There is NO out pocket charge to you for our service we get paid by the bank when we settle your loan.

We can also help with trading your old car and deliver.

Anthony A Simon

Anthony Simon has worked most of his life in the automotive industry, working in new car sales, used cars sales and Finance here and in the UK.

He got sick of working for other people and in 2013 decided to leave and start selling cars from his garage.

Soon after he opened a small car yard with a simple formula of good customer service with quality cars which saw the car yard grow but Anthony could see that times were changing in the way people buy goods but the Automotive was still years behind.

So in Feb 2015, Anthony started testing a new service which allowed customers to finance and buy any car from the comfort of their home and have it delivered and soon after the car yard was closed down to focus purely on online sales.

Anthony was taking and submitting applications in the early days during the day and customer sign ups at night, which saw Anthony finish most nights at 10pm.

Soon after the team grew from 1 to 4 full time and 5 contractors helping ApprovalBuddy service it buddies.

With the team growing the culture hasn’t changed nor has our mission and along the way, we have won 2016 Gold Coast Start-Up Of The Year, been featured on Today Tonight and 127 other publications for our service and now we have offices in 2 states with more states to come.

We couldn’t have done this without YOU our Buddies!

So thank you…..


Weather it’s our easy online application process, your very own Personal Buddy Broker or Car finding Expert helping you plus our FREE pick up and deliver you wont need to lift a finger.


We are always innovating new ways to improve our service to make financing, buying and selling a car easier so we stay true to our mission of giving you the worlds best service.


We will always be upfront and tell you how it is. We will always keep you up to date with the process and give you real sound advice when needed.

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